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Paladins Voucher Codes 2017

Paladins Promo Codes

Paladins is a fantasy world that can make the players the Champions of the Realm. It is a multiplayer team-based shooter that brings a fresh breath into FPS scene, the game was launched by Hi-Rez Studios on 16th September 2016. Paladins is attracting thousands of players on Steam, and it is currently considered as the MOBA influenced the multiplayer game. So far it has over 60,000 positive reviews on Steam. Very enjoyable graphics, demanding gameplay and a lot of customization (Paladins Codes will allow you to change your character appearance) options let you play your own style. Game contains a unique collectible card system and allow you to choose personal set of abilities – it’s the new things that makes this title really unique.

The closed beta started on 17th November 2015, and the video game proceeds towards open beta on 16th September 2016;
also it went on both the consoles on 3rd May 2017. As per the studio, the video game was the most played on Steam, and it is one of the new titles of 2016, the title is given based on the average every day CCU, and it exceeded 8million

Paladins provide different characters, including champions, and allow the players to select during their multiplayer
game sessions. Each one of the heroes falls into one of the following categories, including Damage, Front Line, Flank, and Support.  The players must count on character, strategy, coordination, knowledge, and teamwork to attain victory. The players are allowed to use VGS along with voice chat and text to communicate. The best team will choose the balanced class choice that will hold up each other in the game. 

About Paladins Codes

The closed beta unlocked lately around 25k Paladins Codes that includes 10k for Xbox One, %K European PS4 promotional codes, and 10K American Paladins codes. The players have to finish the two simple actions below at the preferred platform, and the process will give you an input rapidly and effortlessly. 

Developers take the players to a fantasy world, a multiplayer shooter with deep character and strategy elements customization. Players can expand and enhance a character’s main abilities through an exclusive collectable card program. The players can play the way they want to play. The fact that you can extremely customize your character means that there must be something that makes faster grinding for your desired skins or characters. There are promotional codes that let you gain skins, crystals/gold (rarely) or PS4 and Xbox One game access and the good things is that we have Paladins Promo Codes 2018.

Paladins Skins Codes

Cosmetic Items are a not necessary element to release as it is ineffective on gameplay. The cosmetics, most of them can be buy with either crystals or gold (rarely), but some cosmetics get unlocked through particular events and promotions.

Weapon Skins: Weapon Skins modify the hero’s weapon look. It is set from the modify tab in the hero’s profile.  You can Paladins skins codes can help the players can purchase each skin at an affordable cost, and it varies according to their tier.

Champion Skins: It allows players to modify the Champions’ outfit. The player can find two kinds of champion skins, including accessories and body skins. The player can mix and match the body skins and accessories using Modify tab in the Hero’s profile.  The player can use the Paladins codes to purchase the skin in low-cost, and the cost is also based on their tier.

Voice packs: It replaces the voice of the champion using with Voice-Guided System. Each voice pack provided to each champion, and it cannot be used with other characters. The players can select the set of voice pack using the customize tab in the profile of the champion. 

Our Paladins Skins Codes allows you to gain rare skins which make your character looks original. Our Paladins Promo Codes are free and we update our database once or twice per week so you can easily boost your account.

How to redeem Paladins promo codes

What our Paladins Promotional Codes allow you to get?

  • Xbox One Game Access
  • PS4 Game Access
  • Skins
  • Gold/Crystals (rarely)
  • Champions

Thanks to this you can extremely change your gameplay style and your character so you can play your style in the new style.

How to get those Paladins Promo Codes 2018?

  1. Click on the “Get access” button.
  2. Complete a survey.
  3. Open an PDF file with vouchers.

Then you are supposed to run the game and redeem the key. Of course, all Paladins Promo Codes free are available for everybody; we gave away a huge amount of skin keys, beta access keys and other Paladins Codes, all of them worked perfectly. Remember that each code can be used only once! Don’t waste your time, and get the promotional codes. Thanks to those vouchers you can change the way you feel the whole game, without your wallet being touched.

The Chief Operating Officer Todd Harris said that getting Paladins to consoles was a major goal for them. He also said that there are only a few free-to-play shooters on consoles, and they are happy to introduce FPS team with series compared to any other technological game.

User Reviews


Happy Customers

“Thanks to this I have completely changed my character and my whole gameplay style. I’m now original, and the game seems to be way more enjoyable.”


“Within few weekends I get tonnes of gold and crystals. Now I have few more champions, and I can play all day again.”


“Finally, something that works! I was sure it wouldn’t work, or it’s a scam, but now I have so many skins that I don’t know what I should spend it on.