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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a first-person free-to-play shooter game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Within a week of its release, it got so popular that almost 800,000 downloads were recorded and also was listed among the top 10 games in Steam during that time. In this game, there are various champion characters available for the player to choose from during their gameplay. And each champion character belongs to a certain category including Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank. To achieve victory in this game, the players must be on the heels all the time and use skillful strategy and techniques along with coordination and excellent teamwork.

What are Paladins Skins?

And one of the important aspects of the game is the Paladins skins that enables the users to change the outlook of their champion characters. The skins form a part of cosmetic items in the game that don’t have any effect on the results of the gameplay. And these cosmetic items need to be unlocked using your Gold and crystals and some can be unlocked through the promo codes and special promotions in the game.

These Skins also fall into different categories including:

  • Champion
  • Weapon
  • Mount

Champion Skins:

Those cosmetic items allow the players to change the outlook of their champion characters. The player can buy or change these Paladins free skins from the Champion’s profile. Some of the champion skin collections include Androxus Collection, Cassie’ Collections, Tyra’s Collections etc.

Weapons Skins:

Weapon cosmetic items allow the players to change the outlook or appearance of their weapons. The players can customize the look of the weapons from their Weapons Profile. Both the Champions and the Weapons cosmetic items come together as bundles along with Emotes, Sprays, and MVP Poses.

Mount Skins:

Mount cosmetic items allow the players to change the look of the mounts that the champions use in the game. During the gameplay, the players can choose a mount that the champions will be using. Some of the popular mounts include Scarlet Charger, Onyx Stallion, Infernal Warhorse, Nightmare, Snowflake, Primal Prowler and the exclusive Twitch Prime mounts.

How can you get skins?

Game logoSkins come bundled as a collection that contains champion skins, weapon skins, MVP poses, sprays, and Emotes. And you need to use your gold or crystal to buy these collections as the rate of these collections are based on the category the collection belongs to. While some skin collections can be bought using either Gold or Crystals, the Rare, Epic and Legendary collections only require Crystal currencies. And the legendary currencies are the costliest of them all as it costs around 500 crystals. There are also some collections that only contains some rare champion and weapons cosmetic items only that needs be unlocked using crystals.

Which Currency do you need to buy them?

When it comes to Paladins free skins, Gold and Crystals are the standard currencies that allow you to unlock skins during the gameplay. Gold comes with a lesser value when compared with Crystal currencies and it is also hard to obtain. Gold and crystals can be obtained through daily login bonus, playing special quests. They can also be earned through the Refer-A-Friend system. The player can also buy crystal using real money through the in-game store or from the online store. Promotional codes can also be used to redeem for currencies.

What are Paladins Skin Codes?

If you are lucky, you can gain access to free paladins skins codes that could help you get rare champion skins that would be extremely hard to get during your normal gameplay.